COLBERT COUNTY Ala (WAAY) - Fishermen take to the Rock Pile Recreation boat launch on a regular basis. Many fish the same area so often they get to know each other. This morning when two fisherman saw Kenneth Green’s empty boat they recognized it as his. When they got close they found him in the water.

 “They said they saw a life jacket pop up, once they got close to the life jacket they said they saw there was somebody in the life jacket,” Officer Josh Bradford said. 

They called 911 and the Alabama Marine Police. Officer Bradford was first to respond to Wilson's Dam, an area he said is not the safest spot to fish.

 “It has a sign that says dangerous waters. There is a red sign letting you know that you are within 800 feet of a hydro electric dam and by state law you have got to have a life jacket on just because its so dangerous waters,“ Bradford said. 

He added that the life jacket may not have been much help in the area where Green was found. 

“We don’t suspect any foul play he was wearing the life jacket but it was just too near the dam and the turbulence was so strong,” Bradford said. 

He hopes their investigation will give more clues into exactly what happened.

“Were just investigating, checking on if they have any livetime feed or recording feed or a recording of the dam to see if we can see if something happened," Bradford said. 

When Bradford met with Green’s family this afternoon, he said as hard as the news was for them to hear, they found some comfort knowing he died doing somethng he loved. 

“I hate having to meet somebody like that and prayers will be going out to their family but they just kept reminding themselves and each other that he was doing what he loved so in their tragedy they took comfort knowing he was enjoying himself,“ Bradford said. 

Colbert County Coroner, Carlton Utley said he is ruling the death accidental.  

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MUSCLE SHOALS, Ala. (WAAY) Alabama Marine Police investigating a drowning near Wilson Dam. According to our news partners, The Times Daily, Colbert County resident Kenneth Green died Saturday. The coroner tells The Daily it appears to be an accidental drowning. Green apparently fell off his boat while fishing.

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