Millions of drivers in Alabama, nearly 20% without insurance.

Now, the state is cracking down.

"It simply states that the State of Alabama will now have some options regarding the ability to verify who has insurance and who does not have insurance," says Insurance Agent Mark Harbarger.

Officials ask the next time you get in your car and behind the wheel that you have a valid insurance card in order to keep our roadways safer.

"The importance of it is just ensuring everyone implies with the current law and has valid insurance on their vehicles," says Huntsville Police Captain Vince Dauro.

     Local law enforcement agencies now have access to an online database.

     Not online will verify if you have insurance but it will also make sure this piece of paper is current and still active.

     The law basically updates an outdated one.

"Well they are safer on the roadways and they're insured that those that cause bodily injury and property damage will be available to pay for their property damage or injuries," says Harbarger.


     The numbers are astounding.

     The Insurance Research Council estimates 22-percent of drivers don't carry insurance.

    That's the 6th worst in the Country.

     Officials say the goal is to get that number below 10%.

"That's what the law is for is to make sure people are liable for the damage and injuries they cause," says Capt. Dauro.

     Driving with out valid insurance has it's price tag.

    The first offense ticket is up to $500.

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My wife was hit in the rear last year and the person who hit her left the scene. A few years back, while on University drive, a buddy of mine was hit in the rear, pushed into the cars in front and beside him, and all three cars ran off and left him. I figure the 20% is a lowball figure, considering that those who are uninsured have no coverage for their driving children either, and I doubt the figures cover these people.


I would also appreciate the State making sure the Law Enforcers have a special insurance for when they are responsible for chasing someone. They should have to prove that immediate danger was the cause of their chase, or they should be held responsible for damage . (In my case 3 totaled cars in a driveway, in many cases lives of innocent people.) Before a chase is started, maybe the officers would think to rely more on their network of co-workers before acting so impulsively, if they had to justify it to an insurance investigator.


So this means that hpd will now run tags while following vehicles on he roads just to see if they can write them a ticket, and make more money for the cities, counties, and the state. Insurance companies are happy because it will give them more profits simply because they will charge more for insurance for those who do not have insurance.

Now take into consideration the mothers raising children by herself, working for less than it takes to live on and paying more for insurance. Alabama should go to a No Fault Insurance Policy, that way those that do not have insurance would be responsible for fixing their own vehicle.

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