DECATUR, Ala. (WAAY) - Following the shooting death of student athlete, Kedrick Bowman, 17, Decatur High School officials are calling in counselors to be on hand Tuesday when students return to school. 

"He was the kind of student who made you want to come into work…If you were in your office, and he would walk by, he would tell you good night or he would stick his head in there and speak to you. He was just that kind of young man that you really cherish having in your program," Decatur High School Football Coach, Jere Adcock said. 

Bowman died Monday after being shot in the back of the head in his home on Cotton Place by a family member.

"It is shocking and you never get used to ever hearing of one of your students, or any young person, ever losing their life, and we all feel the same way. It is just deeply saddening for me," said Decatur High Principal, Travis Schrimsher. 

Kedrick Bowman was a junior at Decatur High School and a member of the football team. Students were not in school Monday, but coaches called the football team to the field house to talk to them about what happened. 

"As sad as it is, you know I am very grateful that I am in a position to stand in front of them and say you know guys these are things that happen, bad things do happen to good people and we dont always have the answers for them," Coach Adcock said. 

When students return to school Tuesday morning consolers will be on campus available to talk with any student affected by the news of Bowman's death.

"It is very important. Tomorrow you will have a whole range of feelings. You will have students who remember fun times and laugh. You will have students who remember in the field of pain and cry, and really its an educational opportunity for us to let students know that all those emotions are ok," Decatur City Schools Superintendent, Ed Nichols said.

Police are still investigating the shooting. Witnesses tell officers it was accidental. Police are questioning the person who fired the shot. No charges have been filed. 

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