DECATUR, Ala (WAAY) - Some Calhoun Community College students sharpened their acting skill so graduating students in Health Sciences could get hands-on experience during a mass casualty training drill.

"I was a victim in the mass causality. We had a shooter come in. He committed suicide" said Dental Assisting student Myranda James. "My part was I got hit in the abdomen with a chair."

Local police cleared the Aerospace Training Center where the mock event took place. Then first responders and Medflight helped Emergency Medical students transport the wounded.

"This allows our agencies to practice their own plan of action in the case of an event that happens on campus" said Calhoun's Dean of Health Sciences Bret McGill.

The wounded were then taken to the Health Sciences building where nursing students were waiting at the mock hospital.

"This was really helpful. I learned a lot" said nursing student Brittany Beddingfield. "They teach us all the stuff we need to know, but we learn it with notes at a desk in a book, and hands on experience is the way I learn, and this has helped so much because we're able to apply everything we learn."

The drill was a realistic learning experience for students but something no one wants to see in real life.

"The events at Sandy Hook last year, the Boston Marathon, those events really occur and there, are EMS providers who recently or awhile back received their training in much like a program like ours in other parts of the county, so this is what we're trying to do to make sure our graduates are prepared for any event that may occur" said McGill.

Over 150 students in the Health Sciences department participated in theĀ  training drill that takes place on campus at least once every other year.

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