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What The Tech: Text Thumb

WAAY 31 Tech Guy Jamey Tucker reports on text thumb, a type of injury that can occur with habitual texting, and a new text app that could prevent it from happening

Posted: Thu Mar 08 10:28:00 PST 2018
Updated: Thu Mar 08 10:28:01 PST 2018

Speech to Text for What The Tech: Text Thumb

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doctors are reporting a rise in the number of patients reporting pain in their thumb and elbow. the reason? too much time texting. it's called "text thumb" and ou tech guy jamie tucker discovered some of the lasting impacts of those who are diagnosed. rather than your thumbs doing all the work, download a keyboard app like "g-board" from google or "swift-key". using one of these keyboards, you can swipe between letters rather than tap. once you've downloaded the app, you can switch between keyboards by hard-pressing this globe icon next to the keyboard. swift-key was my keyboard of choice until google released g-board. check this out. swiping or gliding your finger across the keyboard is faster. it's less also less taxing texting. the more you use it, the more it learns about how you swipe, what you say and will predict what you want to text next. it also has some fun features to quickly send gifs or videos. start swiping out a message and then tap the google icon. based on what you've entered, gboard will search for matching youtube videos, gifs or replace the text with emoji. apple just added the google app to imessage which allows you to attach sites, videos and gifs. it doesn't add swiping or gliding. for that you'll need to download the gboard app. you can also create your own gifs using your phone's camera and the gboard app. if your fingers are fast enough and you've never noticed any thumb strain, the standard iphone keyboard may be just fine. but if you've noticed your thumbs get a little tired during the day, download gboard and practice safe text. that's what the tech? i'm jamey
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