MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WAAY) - Former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin will be in Huntsville next week to speak at the graduation for New Hope High School.

The graduation ceremony takes place at 8 p.m. May 21 at the Von Braun Center arena.

Madison County Schools officials said access to the event is limited to schools, businesses and members of the New Hope and Owens Cross Roads communities.

A limited number of tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis and can be gotten by e-mailing Madison County Schools Superintendent David Copeland's office at

Palin ran on the GOP ticket in 2008 with presidential candidate Sen. John McCain. Since then she has been a contributor for Fox News and written three books.

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Stephan Grove
Stephan Grove

Polar Bears aren't going extinct... They are just unlucky and so is an anyone who has to listen to her speak. I still want to know what magazines and newspapers she read to keep up with foreign affairs. Name one Sarah, Just one... lol Poor school.


im not surprised that nobody said anything about what I don't understand is what can she tell them that miss rice who actually served her full term and is a more distinguished guest miss palin didn't even finish her term in Alaska and was only actually known cause Mcain used her to get women votes but it backfired


If you have nothing decent to say, then why are you here other than to be a troll? [tongue_smile]


*Listen to this NOT4SALE Proven Reformer, Sarah Palin, and the Tea Party, America

Research what this Governor did with the AK budget in just 3 full legislative sessions - how her work caused AK's credit rating to be raised

More Americans are WISING UP as the days go by wrt the truth about Sarah Palin ,,,,

I think we can confidently assert now that she has very sound know, it's quite uncanny that Former Gov Sarah Palin correctly read Obama's character, and what kind of leader he would be, way back on the 08 Campaign trail …. with such specificity -................ nothing she has predicted yet (wrt Obamacare, wrt Economy QE policy etc etc ) has been proven false, which is quite remarkable.

btw – if any readers want to hear some extremely eerie ‘fortune-telling’, (but really, predictive conclusions correctly drawn, after making accurate character assessments), listen online to Gov Sarah Palin’s RNC speech, sep 3rd 2008 ….

America needs this TRUTH TELLER and Corruptocrat FIGHTER, Gov Sarah Palin, in the Oval Office - look at her record in AK ! She dismantled the *Corrupt B*stards Club* up there ....

now, does America have a Corrupt B*stards' Club in DC, operating on STEROIDS???

Send her to DC and watch the RATS squeal as they try to RUN and HIDE!

Also, I think it would be best if this NOT4SALE Proven Reformer is directing things from the WH as the IMPLOSION hits America in the future (we are ticking over toward 120% of GDP in debt = Greece territory)

she is a born Exec Officer/Manager with > 20 years of experience, her most VITAL trait being, she is NOT4SALE

that quality ALONE is the single most important one if the US Govt is to be successfully reformed and Constitutional America rescued

imagine what a POTUS could do, if they were beholden to NOBODY, no Lobbyists, no special interest groups, no big donors ... a POTUS with a SINGLE ENTRY on her IOU list = "The American People"!

at the same time she is the most experienced Leader wrt Energy Issues and will also manage the EXPLOSION of American energy development

both the IMPLOSION/Reform of Govt and the EXPLOSION of American energy development must kick in at exactly the same time, if Constitutional America is to survive and thrive again



By all means folks, you can either buy into the cut-and-pasted load of bunk put here by a professional troll from New Zealand, or you can choose to think for yourself, which is something that Sarah Palin has proven to be incapable of time and time again. She is nothing more than a B-level reality show actress and paid shill for the extreme right.

As laughable as the thought is of ever putting her in the White House, it truly saddens me that the graduates of New Hope have to suffer through a fact-challenged butchering of the English language from someone who took 5 years and 6 community colleges in order to get a 2-year degree that she never uses.

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